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Professional Classic Car Inspections and Buying Consulting. Universal Muscle Cars

Pre-purchase inspection

As you may or may not know we have been in business for 28 years buying, selling, restoring & repairing classic & muscle cars. We have a vast knowledge of many of these cars and know their numbers, facts & figures and how to research them including many personal contacts with well known classic car enthusiasts like Jerry MacNeish or Galene Govier just to name a few. We can pass this knowledge on to you by offering a Pre-Purchase Inspection on any car you may be interested in purchasing. For a minimal fee we will put our eyes & hands on the car and look into the build, quality and most importantly the integrity of the car and the person you are buying it from.  

A pre-purchase check list, pictures, video and ''face-time'' can also be available and obtained for an additional fee.

Don't become another horror story. A few bucks spent now will save you a ton of bucks later!!